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About the Company

We offer full accounting services to small businesses and non-profit organizations which for a variety of reasons do not have a staff accountant. Individual enterpreneurs are also warmly welcome.

Bookkeeping is a job vital for the company. It can only be done in full and without breaching any laws by highly skilled professionals.

Our specialists have over 20 years’ experience in accounting in various spheres of business. Fluent in Russian, Estonian and English and in posession of ACCA DipIFR Diploma and Accounting to International Standards certificate.

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Your advantages

Monetary benefit

You no longer need to spend time and money on recruiting employees for bookkeeping and maintain their workplace. Our rates are all-inclusive and if your documents circulation lowers you will spend less.

Human factor

When you outsource business processes to contractors you do not need to deal with firing people, resolving conflict situations and long-term vacations.

Ever changing laws

By hiring an accountant you escape the need to follow frequent changes in legal acts, bookkeeping rules, requirements to documents formatting and so forth. All of this is done for you.

Always on time

You can sleep peacefully knowing that all the required forms and reports are sent to the corresponding departments on time.


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